How to Sell Yourself in 40 Words or Less


Have you ever had to deliver a captivating “elevator pitch” in just 30 seconds to sell yourself?

In today’s online world, recruiters and potential employers have just a few lines of text on a screen to evaluate candidates. This is where your resume profile comes in handy to sell yourself, allowing you to showcase your unique experiences, ambitions, and strengths in 40 words or less through the Personal/Professional Summary.

To create a lasting first impression with your Personal/Professional  Summary, consider the following tips to stand out from other candidates:

Highlight what sets you apart

When summarizing your work history in just a few sentences, it’s important to highlight your unique strengths as a customer service manager. The goal is to catch the reader’s attention and leave them intrigued.

A bad example:
I have worked in customer service management for 10 years. My responsibilities included managing teams of customer service representatives and handling customer inquiries. I also helped to develop training programs for new hires.

A good example:
Customer service manager with a decade of experience, specializing in team leadership, process optimization, and customer experience design. Reduced customer churn by 40% in six months with a team of 50 representatives.

Double-check spelling and grammar

Keep in mind that your 40-word synopsis is frequently the first impression you’ll make on a potential employer or connection to sell yourself. It should be brief yet showcase your distinct qualifications and experience. Spend time developing a compelling and memorable description that truly expresses who you are and what you have to offer.

A good example:
As a Project Management Coordinator, I’ve been fortunate to lead high-performing teams on complex projects for more than five years, with a focus on meeting client expectations while delivering successful results.A

A bad example:
Peter has been working as a Project Management Coordinator for five years. He has led successful teams on complex projects while meeting client expectations.

Focus on relevant points

When writing your personal summary, make sure to focus on the key skills and attributes relevant to the position you are seeking to sell yourself. Avoid including unrelated experience that won’t help you achieve your career goals. For instance, if you are looking for a digital marketing manager role, highlight your experience in digital marketing, social media management, and SEO optimization.

A good example:
I’m a skilled digital marketing manager with over five years of experience in developing and executing successful marketing campaigns. I specialize in social media management, email marketing, and SEO optimisation.

A bad example:
I’m a digital marketing manager with experience in retail, hospitality, and event planning. I’m proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and have a passion for photography.

Writing a strong personal statement requires trial and error. Create several drafts and have others review them to help you identify which version is most effective in conveying your skills and experience and sell yourself faster.

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